Cool Home Improvement Ideas You Can Complete This Weekend

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Cool Home Improvement Ideas You Can Complete This Weekend

Choosing the projects to complete around the house can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive! In this video I’m going to share with you cool home improvement ideas you can complete this weekend. Here we go! 

Hi, I’m Heather Wright with RE/MAX Concepts. I’m a REALTOR in the Des Moines area and I know what improvements help sell a home. No matter what your budget is - there are upgrades you can do to add value to your home. 

One of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your home is PAINT.

Paint your cabinets to give them a facelift. 

Paint your walls to brighten up a room. 

Paint your trim to modernize the space. 

Paint your front door to change the look of the exterior. 

And paint doesn’t have to CHANGE - sometimes just refreshing old, beat up paint, makes all the difference in the world. 

Painting isn’t hard, but there is an art to it. It’s like coloring when you were a kid - you should probably stay in the lines. If you slap the paint up and the wall paint is on the trim and the ceiling - that’s going to turn most buyers off. So, watch the YouTube tutorials and TAKE YOUR TIME

Updating your LIGHTING can make a HUGE difference in a home.

Get rid of the builder grade lighting (yes, I’m talking about replacing the boob lights). You can spend a small fortune on lights - but you don’t HAVE to. Menards, Lowes and Home Depot have great lighting options for a budget. 

Think about the color of your lights - the brass look from the 90’s is out. What is the personality of your home? Do the lights represent that? How about actual lighting? Do you get enough from your lights? Might be time to increase the wattage! 

Add some under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. Replace your outdoor lighting. Definitely keep the scale of the lights to the house in mind - tiny dinky lights on each side of your garage might not be the look you want to achieve. 

We replaced some exterior flood lights for the backyard last year. It was the best $35 we ever spent because they really light up the patio! 

And, don’t forget your CEILING FANS. 

Do you need to paint the brass to update it? Replace entirely? Buyers always notice ceiling fans that look like something their grandma would select. 

You might want to update your LIGHT SWITCHES AND OUTLET COVERS. 

And it’s not as hard as you might think. Home Depot sells covers that snap right over your old light switch and outlet. We updated our almond colored switches/outlets to white in just a few minutes. Perhaps you’re comfortable re-wiring the switch and want to upgrade the standard toggle switch to a rocker style switch. OR, add a dimmer switch. 

**EDIT - Mr. Wright informed me after I recorded this video that the snap on covers are for outlets only. So it will take more than a few minutes to re-wire the switches.

Updating your HARDWARE can be done in very little time. 

Updating your cabinet pulls (don’t forget the hinges!) can give your kitchen or bathroom a fast face lift. Naturally, the more hardware you have to replace - the quicker the cost is going to add up. But, removing the old brass is worth it! If you have OAK doors in your home consider replacing the handles (and the hinges!) with oil rubbed bronze. It’s amazing how that small change can fix a “dated” feeling. 

Add a little BLING to your life. 

Change out the closet door handles with cool glass knobs. Or dress up the bathroom mirror with a beautiful frame. If you’re crafty - stencil the stair risers. Add some decorative caps to your fence posts in the yard. Not only does it make them look better but they’ll last longer.

Adding a little personality to your home will make YOU HAPPY - and when it’s time to sell, it might make the difference for buyers selecting your home over the competition. If you want to make some of these upgrades but don’t want to DIY - I’m happy to share some recommendations of contractors I trust. 


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