Finding the Perfect House is Like a Total Eclipse

Finding the Perfect House is Like a Total Eclipse

Millions of people are excited about the total solar eclipse.

Have you ever heard the term “if the stars all lined up…” to describe the perfect scenario?

That’s exactly what’s happening. The sun, the moon, and the earth are all in a line.

It’s a pretty rare event.

And in some areas, they line up so perfectly, that the moon blocks the sun entirely. But, that doesn’t happen everywhere.

Depending on where you are, it won’t be a “total” eclipse. The sun will only be partially covered. Because the stars aren’t perfectly aligned.

In real estate, I come across a lot of buyers who are looking for a “stars aligned” scenario…

  • Perfect house
  • Perfect location
  • Perfect timing

And unfortunately, it’s rare that all of those things totally align. That might sound kind of disappointing, but it shouldn’t be. It’s a matter of perspective and, perhaps, appreciation.

Let’s say someone isn’t in an area that will see a total eclipse of the sun. To feel like the partial eclipse isn’t worthy of as much appreciation is unfair. It’s still awesome.

It should be appreciated for everything it is…not what it isn’t.

And when it comes to finding a house that isn’t the total combination of perfect house, location, and timing, it’s also unfair to be disappointed. Unfair to yourself. It’ll get in the way of enjoying what’s an awesome home, because you based your feelings on the hope for something more.


We’re pretty good at helping people find the combination of perfect house, location, and timing. Timing is the hardest part…so if you’re thinking of moving, let’s start chatting about that soon.


Heather Wright

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