How to Update Oak Trim on a Budget

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how to update your oak trim on a budget


Wood trim has a tendency to get a little beat up over the years. Vacuums, pets, people - little nicks and scratches can make your beautiful wood trim look like it needs replaced. You could always paint your trim white, but that’s a lot of work and expensive if you hire it done. 

Instead, I’ve got a great trick that is super affordable and very easy to make your wood trim look brand new! Let’s get to it! 

Hi, I’m Heather Wright with RE/MAX Concepts. I’m a REALTOR in the Des Moines area and I know the value of keeping up with your house while on a budget. Whether you’re thinking about selling your house or just want to give your old trim, cabinets or doors a face lift, this trick is for you! 

My personal home has a lot of oak trim. We’ve replaced some but there’s still a LOT of oak. Replacing it is expensive, and I’m not sure what I want for the final look. But, some of the wood could really use a little love. 

For example, I’ve got some older windows that work fine, don’t need replaced, but the screens are vicious and leave scratches and nicks whenever you remove them or put them back in. 

I used Howard’s Restor-a-finish in golden oak to touch up the window over my kitchen sink. I couldn’t believe how easy it was - just wipe it on with the grain, then use another cloth to wipe it off! 

Look how it repaired that awful scratch! 

Once, I used my closet door to steam some wrinkles out of a shirt. Don’t ever do this! While I got the wrinkles out - I basically steamed the finish off a spot on the door. So I wondered if Howard Restor-a-finish would fix it. If you watched the video above, about halfway through you would see a video of me trying this product on the closet door.

If you didn't watch the video - SPOILER ALERT!!! It didn't work on the steam stain 🙁 

Overall I think this product works wonders on wood trim. It comes in several colors so you can get it to match your trim. I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the oak trim!! 

So, now you know how to update oak trim for less than $10! And this works for any wood, just get the color that works best for your home!

CLICK HERE to get some Howard Restor-a-finish for your own home. 


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