Remember we told you that story of some sellers that wanted to take advantage of the hot market so they sold their house in May and moved into temporary housing? Well this was the temporary house - owned by their friend. 

And wouldn't you know it - buying/selling real estate is sometimes contagious. But... the timing was different.

As you've probably heard, this year has been quite the roller coaster for real estate. And sometimes you don't know you're in a dip - until you're in the dip.

We ended up having 34 showings on this property. This finally sold after 14 days on market - which seemed like an eternity.  Anyway, we ended up getting two offers and now this seller is living in temporary housing with his friends who bought a house. It's like musical houses!

If you're thinking about selling your home and you're not sure where to start - you're in the right place! 

what's my home worth?

The most common question home owners ask is "what is my home worth?" Whether you're just curious, or ready to put a FOR SALE sign in the yard - our automated system can get you a value in seconds.

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