closing costs

who pays for closing costs

who pays closing costs?

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house and wondering if you’ll have to pay closing costs?  We’re going to answer that question right now! Hi, I’m Heather Wright with RE/MAX Concepts. I’m a REALTOR in Des Moines and I can help you understand who pays closing costs. The short answer is that BOTH the buyer and seller pay for their OWN closing costs. Buying and selling real estate...

Understanding Closing Costs

True to its name, closing costs are what buyers pay for when the time comes to close on a purchase of a home.  These fees are related to legal documents, loan application, and title preparation. They refer to all of the taxes, fees, and costs required to close a real estate transaction. Who pays what varies from state to state and may also differ within a state. (Iowa is the only state that does not...

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