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Rent vs Own

Rent vs. Own

In this video, one of our favorite lenders in the Greater Des Moines area, Dave Lewis from Home Services Lending, shares pros and cons to help you decide if you should rent vs. own.  WHAT IF YOU COULD USE SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY TO BUY YOUR HOME? If you've been thinking about buying a house in the Des Moines area, you should download our expert guide to finding creative ways to help with your down...

Finding the Perfect House is Like a Total Eclipse

Millions of people are excited about the total solar eclipse.Have you ever heard the term “if the stars all lined up…” to describe the perfect scenario?That’s exactly what’s happening. The sun, the moon, and the earth are all in a line.It’s a pretty rare event.And in some areas, they line up so perfectly, that the moon blocks the sun entirely. But, that doesn’t happen everywhere.Depending...

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