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real estate update
Omigosh, where did this year go?? Time seems to fly by faster and faster, doesn’t it? Hopefully you had an awesome summer and you’re hunkered down with a pumpkin spice latte (or anything, really) and ready for cooler weather.

One new thing we’ve been working on is a brand new design for our main website which we think turned out pretty good. *If you’re on a desktop go to the home page and scroll down to the “About Us” section and hover over the photos – we think we’re funny, hopefully you do too!

You know we ❤️ our clients and want to share some really fun stories from recent closings:

Hari (the patriotic dude on the right) was a first time home buyer. His family is from India and in their culture there are certain traditions that ensure you’ve given yourself the best chance for success or good luck. In this case, there were two traditions combined. First, August 18, anything you did between 5-7:15 pm would have good success.
The second tradition has to do with boiling milk. When the boiling milk spills over onto the stove, you’ll get good news that day. Or if done on an occasion or for an event like a new home, it will bring good results.
So, on the 18th the sellers let us visit the home – to boil some milk! Hari also Skyped his mom so that she could be a part of it, isn’t he sweet? We hear Hari is a lucky guy so maybe we should all start this tradition!

These little ladies are taking their first nap in their new home, isn’t that CUTE? This was taken during the builder walk through – they were tuckered out from searching for bad paint spots and tile issues. Their parents, Adam & Anna, actually sold their house 4 months before their brand new house would be finished. They got top dollar this past spring and stayed with family this summer.

They were SO HAPPY to finally have their own place again – but assure me they wouldn’t have changed a thing!

This is the view from Amy’s boat. (Makes me miss summer!) Whenever there’s a boat involved in a real estate story – it’s usually because someone maxed out their debt to income ratio and can’t afford to buy the house. That also usually happens the day before closing. But, not to Amy.

Amy was looking for a house all spring and if you were in the real estate market you know this has been a very competitive year. Wherever we went, there were 3 other buyers making offers. We’d call on a house 5 minutes after it was listed and it was sold. Amy was fed up so she bought a boat.

Who needs a new house anyway??BUT – guess what? One day an adorable house came on the market and Amy just happened to see it. AND, now it belongs to her. Amy, her family, their house and the boat are living happily ever after…

Every pirate needs a place to party. David & Amanda had the cutest house but it was just too small (thanks to the little pirate pictured!). So they decided it was time to move. You can imagine the stress of having a house on the market and not being sure where you’ll even live when it sells. Needless to say, there was probably a few sleepless nights. They finally found a house and were going to put a subject to sale offer in. BUT THEN – the very same day they got a great offer on their house. What an exciting day!
I really do wish we could highlight every client that we work with. But, that would be a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG post.

Earlier this year my team set a goal to sell 100 houses this year. As of this moment we’ve got 88 sales in the hopper! In theory we have enough time to get 12 more done by the end of the year. BUT, even if we don’t make the goal of 100 – we still helped a LOT of people buy and sell real estate. That’s 5 times more than the average agent. I’m sure you’re not surprised that we’re not average. ?

If you’ve been thinking about selling or buying – give us a shout. We’d love to feature you next!

Pictured left to right: Travis, Jessica, Heather & Cadee

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