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Open houses are fun when you're in the house hunting process! But, if you're not careful you might be inundated with calls, texts, emails, and even mail from all the agents you'll meet! In this video I share my best tip to avoid high pressure sales tactics and other open house tips for buyers. If you're wondering "how do open houses work?", this is a good place to start.

If you’re in the market to buy a home you probably schedule a few hours every weekend to tour open houses. If you’ve been to a few open houses you probably know the hosting agents are really interested in your contact info, “for security reasons”. Well, I’m not into high pressure sales tactics and I don’t think you should be either.

Hi, I’m Heather Wright with RE/MAX Concepts. I’m a REALTOR in the Des Moines area and I know how addicting real estate can be! But, the high pressure sales tactics get old quickly - so in this video I’m going to share with you my best tips to get in, and get out, of open houses without being inundated with follow up calls and emails from agents. 

In case you’re brand new to real estate you might be wondering: 

What the heck is an open house?? 

In the Des Moines area it’s common to see open houses signs out on Sundays between 1-4pm. Some open houses are done on Saturdays or other days - but the prime time for open houses is Sunday afternoon. 

If a house is “open” that means the house is for sale and there’s a real estate agent on duty at the home ready to welcome you, assist you with any questions you have about the property as you look around, and hopefully gather your contact information so they can call you every day until you sign with them. (OR buy their listing.)

With COVID-19 we saw a temporary decrease in open houses. But all signs are pointing to the open house tradition being alive and well as more and more listings are being held open on the weekend. 

SO, if you’re going to tour open houses this weekend here’s what you need to know:

  1. Wear slip on shoes so it’s easier at the door if it’s a remove your shoes house. Some agents might have booties or ask that you wear socks. Apparently bare feet are bad for germs. 
  2. The agent/seller might disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer or a mask available for your use during the tour. 
  3. The agent will likely ask you to social distance. And touch as little as possible. All doors should be open. 
  4. The agent will also probably ask you to SIGN IN. Maybe even for “security purposes”

I’m gonna call BULL on that one. Can we just admit that if the house is being held open to the public - security is not a top priority?? Come on. 

The open house sign in sheet is for the agent to prospect for leads. 

If you give your name, your phone number, your email, heck maybe even your address - they can: 

  • CALL YOU to see if you’re planning on writing an offer on the house. 
  • CALL YOU to see if you’re working with another agent and if not maybe they can help you? 
  • CALL YOU to see if you need any help. 
  • CALL YOU to check in and see if you need them yet. 
  • TEXT YOU for all of the above
  • EMAIL YOU a thank you note for attending their open
  • EMAIL YOU other listings they think you might like - even though they don’t really know anything about you
  • EMAIL YOU to see if you need any help
  • EMAIL YOU to see if you want to work with them to buy a house
  • EMAIL YOU to see if you’re going to write an offer on their house
  • EMAIL YOU other advertisements
  • MAIL YOU a thank you card for attending their open house. 
  • MAIL YOU advertisements 


We tell all of our clients that they can sign in with our phone number/email address and if the agent pushes them to ask them politely to call us. 

If you’re already working with an agent - USE THEM TO SAVE YOU FROM HARD SALES TACTICS! 

Then, if the open house agent has any questions they can call/text/email me - and you won’t have to deal with a bunch of sales people constantly calling/texting/emailing you. 

Then, if you find a house you really do like - let your agent (Heather Wright & Associates!) know so they can get you additional information and provide you with unbiased guidance. 

BECAUSE, why would you call the sellers agent? Isn’t that agent’s job to look out for the SELLERS best interests? 

So call your own agent when you like something you see at an open. 

That’s it - now you know how open houses work for buyers! Oh, and if you’re in the market to purchase something make sure you grab our guide on where to find the FREE MONEY in the Greater Des Moines area. We’ve got a great list of resources that include grants, free money, AND various ways to SAVE money during the home purchase process.

This is actually what we hand out during open houses - you won’t find us asking you to sign in at an open. We’re cool like that. Get a copy for yourself at  OR, just tell us where to send it:  

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